Cozy and Luxurious Duvets for Every Season

Upgrade your bedding with our premium duvets, designed for optimum warmth and comfort. Available in a variety of fills and weights to suit your sleeping preferences and seasonal needs.

  • Furco offers a selection of high-quality duvets that cater to various comfort preferences and seasonal demands. Our duvets range from lightweight options for summer to snug, heavier versions ideal for winter. Choose from natural fillings like down and feathers for unmatched warmth and fluffiness or opt for hypoallergenic materials that provide comfort without triggering allergies. Each duvet is crafted to ensure you enjoy a restful sleep, with breathable fabrics that maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.

Buying Guide:

  • Choosing the Perfect Duvet:
    • Fill Type: Decide between natural fills like down and feather for softness and warmth, or synthetic fills for hypoallergenic properties and easy care.
    • Tog Rating: Select the appropriate tog rating based on the season—lighter togs (1-7) for warmer months and higher togs (10.5+) for colder periods.
    • Size and Fit: Ensure the duvet matches your bed size for complete coverage and comfort.
    • Care Instructions: Consider ease of cleaning; many duvets are machine washable, but always follow care label instructions to maintain longevity.


  • Q1: What is a tog rating, and how do I choose the right one?
    • A1: A tog rating indicates the duvet’s thermal insulation capability. Lower tog ratings are ideal for summer, while higher ratings are better for winter. Choose based on your warmth needs and the climate you live in.
  • Q2: How often should I replace my duvet?
    • A2: It's recommended to replace your duvet every 5 to 10 years, depending on its condition and how well it's maintained.
  • Q3: Can duvets be hypoallergenic?
    • A3: Yes, we offer a variety of hypoallergenic duvets that minimize allergens, ideal for those with allergies or respiratory issues.
  • Q4: How do I keep my duvet in good condition?
    • A4: Regularly air your duvet, fluff it to maintain its loft, and follow the care instructions for washing and drying.