Superior Protection: Explore Our Mattress Protectors

Ensure your mattress stays like new with our range of high-quality mattress protectors. Perfect for any bed, our protectors offer defense against moisture, allergens, and wear, extending the life of your mattress.

Furco’s mattress protectors are essential for maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your mattress. Our protectors are designed to offer a barrier against moisture, stains, and bacterial growth. With options including hypoallergenic and waterproof features, our range meets various needs, from enhancing comfort to providing health benefits. Each protector is crafted from premium materials to ensure breathability and comfort without affecting the feel of your mattress.

Buying Guide:

  • How to Choose the Best Mattress Protector:
    • Consider Your Needs: Waterproof protectors are ideal for those with young children or pets, while cooling protectors suit hot sleepers.
    • Material Matters: Options range from cotton and polyester to advanced synthetics that offer specific benefits like cooling or extra softness.
    • Size and Fit: Match the protector to your mattress size for a snug, secure fit that doesn’t shift during the night.
    • Care Instructions: Opt for protectors that are easy to clean and maintain, ideally machine washable.


  • Q1: What benefits do mattress protectors offer?
    • A1: Mattress protectors extend the life of your mattress by protecting against dirt, spills, and normal wear and tear. They also help maintain a hygienic sleep surface.
  • Q2: Are all mattress protectors waterproof?
    • A2: Not all, but we offer a variety of waterproof protectors that provide excellent protection against liquids and spills.
  • Q3: Will a mattress protector change the feel of my mattress?
    • A3: Our protectors are designed to be thin enough to maintain the original comfort level of your mattress while providing necessary protection.
  • Q4: How often should I wash my mattress protector?
    • A4: We recommend washing your mattress protector every two months or immediately after any spill, unless more frequent washing is needed due to allergies or spills.