Unique Ornaments & Sculptures Collection

Ornaments And Sculptures

Eloquent and Memorable Sculpture Range: Decorate your home with exquisite sculptures and add lasting pieces to your antique collection, as FURCO brings you the most impressive master crafts from the top brands from around the world. The originality and one-of-a-kindness of these sculptures are sure to impress your friends and family, and the wide range of designs shown here were chosen to fit current, modern, and classic home decor. Here, you can find the recycled Anteak Root Wall Mounted Deer Head, which is made from wood that has been used before. 

RV Astley has some of the most beautiful sculptures for home decor, like the Jumping Horse and the Antique Silver Sculpture, which are carved beautifully and have a brass finish. The Roman Head, the Grey Hound sculpture, the Rhino-Head, and the Horse Pinewood stand are a few other things that stand out. The well-known pieces also make great gifts. London Interiors has modern, stylish, and elegant sculptures like the Silver Fern, the Line Sculpture, the Silver Line, the Silver Figurines, the Horny Buffalo, the Flame Sculpture, the Jam Busters, the Bronze Horse, the Bronze Dancers, and other designs that are always inviting and make you look twice. 

Ceramics gives you silver statues that are beautiful, stand out, and make you want to praise them. Some of the beautiful and everlasting patterns are the Fruit Bowl, Ornaments, and animal casts like the Leopard, Horse, and Dogs. The "Summer of Love" collection of sculptures adds passion and romance to your bedroom and other rooms in your home. Some of the casts and models in this collection are incredibly beautiful and charming.

The FURCO Difference

At FURCO, art can accentuate the natural beauty of your surroundings. Our sculptures and decorations are expertly chosen to exhibit the ideal fusion of modern style and age-old workmanship. Every piece demonstrates our dedication to excellence, design, and meticulous attention to detail.

Superior Craftsmanship

With years of experience, our artists painstakingly create each sculpture and decoration by hand. Every piece, from fine details to immaculate finishes, goes through a stringent quality control procedure to guarantee it lives up to the high standards that are associated with the FURCO name. The end product is a set that exudes sophistication and elegance.


Diverse Styles and Materials

Take a look at our extensive selection of sculptures and decorations made of metal, ceramic, wood, and other materials. FURCO offers a wide range of styles to fit any preference, including classic sophistication, eclectic appeal, and minimalist modernism. Every item has been carefully crafted to go in with a variety of themes for home décor.

Restricted Editions

A lot of our sculptures and decorations are limited edition, giving your home decor an original feel. By selecting FURCO, you're investing in a distinctive and uncommon piece of art that expresses your refined taste rather than merely purchasing a decorative item.

FURCO Buying Guide

Selecting the ideal sculpture or decoration for your house may be a fun and difficult process. Here is a FURCO Buying Guide to assist you browse our range and streamline the process:


Think About Your Personality: Decide the type of house design you like most. Whether you like eclectic, boho, classic, or modern, FURCO has a selection to fit any preference. Consider how the sculpture or ornament will go with the other pieces in your room.

Size Counts: If you're curious about a piece, note its measurements. Make sure it blends in perfectly with the intended area, not taking center stage or becoming lost among other objects. Measure the component and consider how it will improve the overall look.

Material Selection: Pick a material that goes well with the décor you already have and expresses your style. FURCO provides sculptures and decorations in a variety of materials, each with a distinct charm and personality. Take into account the material's durability and upkeep needs as well.

Construct a Story: Consider the message you wish to portray via the items in your house. Every sculpture and ornament has a unique tale to tell. Choose passages that speak to your hobbies, experiences, or cultural influences to form a compelling and well-rounded story.

Limited Editions: For a hint of exclusivity, peruse our limited-edition items. These one-of-a-kind pieces of art show off your admiration for originality and workmanship while also adding rarity to your collection.

Personal Connection: Pick compositions that make you feel something. Making a personal connection with your décor, whether it's a sculpture that evokes memories of a memorable event or an ornament that speaks to your unique style, adds to its significance.

Mix and Match: Feel free to try out various sizes and styles. By mixing and combining FURCO sculptures and ornaments, you can create a visually dynamic and diverse style in your house. Enjoy yourself while you curate your place and follow your gut.

Elevate Your Home with FURCO

Explore the transformational potential of FURCO's sculptures and decorations. Enter a realm of artistic expression where every object is a living example of the elegance that handiwork can provide to your rooms. With FURCO, art and décor come together in perfect harmony to elevate your house. Discover our collection now to infuse your surroundings with classic elegance.