Garden Cube Sets - Stylish and Space-Saving Outdoor Dining Solutions

Elevate your outdoor dining experience with our stylish garden cube sets at FURCO. These versatile and space-saving sets are perfect for any patio or garden, providing comfort and elegance for al fresco dining and relaxation.

At FURCO, our garden cube sets offer a perfect blend of functionality and style for your outdoor space. Designed to maximize space, these sets include comfortable chairs that tuck neatly under the table, creating a compact and tidy appearance when not in use. Available in various materials such as rattan, metal, and wood, our cube sets cater to different tastes and garden styles. They are perfect for outdoor dining, entertaining guests, or simply relaxing in your garden.

Buying Guide

1. Types of Garden Cube Sets

  • Rattan Cube Sets: Lightweight, weather-resistant, and stylish.
  • Metal Cube Sets: Durable and modern, ideal for contemporary settings.
  • Wooden Cube Sets: Classic and natural, offering a timeless appeal.

2. Size and Configuration

Choose a size that fits your outdoor space and meets your seating needs. Options range from compact two-seater sets to larger eight-seater configurations, ensuring there is a set suitable for every garden.

3. Comfort and Features

Look for features such as cushioned seating, adjustable backrests, and tables with glass tops for added elegance and ease of cleaning.


Q1: How do I maintain my garden cube set? A: Regularly clean your set with mild soap and water. For rattan and wooden sets, consider using protective covers during bad weather and treating wooden surfaces annually to preserve their appearance.

Q2: Are the cushions included with the cube sets waterproof? A: Many cushions are water-resistant, but it's advisable to store them indoors or use waterproof covers during heavy rain to extend their lifespan.

Q3: Can I leave my garden cube set outside all year round? A: While many sets are designed for outdoor use, it's recommended to use protective covers or store them indoors during harsh weather conditions to extend their lifespan.

Q4: How do I assemble a garden cube set? A: Our garden cube sets come with detailed assembly instructions. Most sets are easy to assemble with basic tools.

Enhance your outdoor living with a garden cube set from FURCO. Explore our collection today and find the perfect set to suit your garden and lifestyle.